Apr. 27th, 2017

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Another pithy quote from Qui-Gon. This one won't be a surprise to anyone, I'm sure. But it's still lots of fun to explore.

"There's always a bigger fish."

First off, the delivery is perfect. Wry and understated, considering they just barely escaped being devoured by a giant undersea monster. That's Qui-Gon for you -- perfectly assured that things will work out for the best, even when it seems patently obvious that disaster is looming. And then we have the delightful ambiguity of this statement. In this situation, the bigger fish ended up being a positive factor for them. But what if the bigger fish comes after the bongo next? Is a bigger fish really something to rejoice over?

On top of that, as a symbolic statement, this line provides marvelous foreshadowing for a film with a hidden "bigger fish" -- a phantom menace, if you will -- pulling the strings of smaller fish like the Trade Federation. Even the formidable Darth Maul is little more than a pawn within the larger schemes of Sidious. There is nothing more deliciously ironic to me than the parade scene at the finish of this film, wherein our heroes celebrate their defeat of the Federation -- while the actual mastermind behind the whole invasion is standing right there. One step closer to his plot to take over the galaxy. Hiding his evil nature beneath his benevolent smile. It gives me chills every time. I wonder if Qui-Gon, with all his outside-the-box wisdom, could have spotted the true bigger fish if he had survived. We can only wonder.

Next, some words from one of my favorite minor characters....

(Note: I've backed up my journal at Dreamwidth and will be crossposting there for the foreseeable future.)


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