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Stepping outside of fandoms and philosophical stuff for a bit...

I am extremely religious. My religion permeates every part of my life. Everything I write here is related to my religious beliefs, whether directly or more circuitously. But today I'm feeling particularly ardent about my faith, so I thought I'd ramble on about it for a bit.

I attend church every Sunday for three hours of meetings. I pray several times every day and study the scriptures every night. I discuss religion constantly with my husband, who is as ardent as I am (one of the reasons I fell in love with him). I'm not trying to brag here; I don't think living like this is an extraordinary thing.

I love living this way! No matter what's troubling or depressing me, no matter how hideously down I'm feeling, at my very center I have this happiness that can't be shaken. I can't imagine what life would be like without my religion. I love knowing that there's some sort of purpose in all the craziness of my life. Oh, it's hard to be faithful sometimes. It's not an easy life. But it seems to me that anything worthwhile is going to demand a lot of you. It wouldn't make sense otherwise. There's something transforming about putting my petty, selfish little desires and perceptions aside and recognizing that God has something greater. It's easy to slip into human arrogance, which I do all to often, and think I've got it all figured out. At the end of it all, though, I really know nothing. There's nothing wrong with seeking knowledge as much as I can; I love learning and exploring. It's just a matter of accepting that human knowledge and capacity is ultimately limited. You go as far as you can and allow for the obvious fact that you haven't figured out the entire universe. It's a peculiar balance, but most things in life are about moderation and balance.

So I love my religion and I believe anyone who lives their religion ardently will be happier than those who don't. Believing in something more than yourself is beautiful.

I'll probably be sillier next time... ;)


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