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If I see one more person referring to the "incest" between Luke and Leia, my brain is going to explode.

They kissed. Once. I interpret it as Leia trying to make Han mad, but interpret it as you will, it's one kiss.

Incest is not siblings kissing. Shall I be more explict? Fine. (Not that explicit, heh - my journal's strictly PG. )


May. 11th, 2006 10:05 am
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After my soul-baring entry yesterday, I'm fortunately it a more buoyant mood today. I felt like jotting down a little amusing lexicon of the made-up words my husband and I have use around each other; their meanings have just kind of sprung up without ever being explicitly defined, and it's like a little mini-dialect that only our family shares. Whee! (I'll probably add more as I think of them.)

Lexicological Adventures )

So Luke is still coughing today, but I think it's not as bad or frequent as yesterday. Perhaps he'll get in one more day of school before the weekend. He'll be missing school on Monday, but for a nicer reason - my husband is graduating! :D

In other news, my father-in-law called up to wish my husband a Happy Birthday on Saturday, and ended up helping to fix whatever was wrong with our computer. Not only that, but when my husband mentioned in passing that I'd really enjoy Photoshop, his dad said they had a bunch extra copies lying around and he'd be glad to send one to us. Consider it a birthday present for both of us, he birthday's not till July, but never mind. :D It came yesterday, and as soon as I get it installed I'm going to be in trouble. If I don't practice self-control I'll spend hours making icon after icon after icon...


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