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Made this a while ago, but it kind of got lost in the midst of my more elaborate projects. Oh, how I love Luke and his heroic face at the end of Return of the Jedi.

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For my next project (of course there's going to be a next one) I'm hoping to find a song that works for a Padmé-centric video. I'll have to give that some thought...
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The quality is meh, but it was the best I could manage with getting actual video clips. And oh, how this new hobby of mine is going to consume me. I've already made two others. (Guess which character they both feature? If you're guessing the same as this one, well, that wasn't too hard.) Maybe someday I'll find the courage to post something public instead of unlisted. :D
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Last episode is up, leaving me with the bittersweet feeling I always get from finishing a project I've spent months and months of work on. Well, I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished, silly geekiness and all. :D
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The second-to-last episode is up. Surprisingly, it's my shortest so far. Second shortest is Episode I, then IV, then II. Not sure why their lengths ended up that way. Not at all surprised, though, that Episode III is the longest. The other episodes have between eleven and thirteen songs. III has eighteen. Yeah. And most of them are super-angsty ones in the second half of the story. Yup.
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Here's the fourth installment. I'm just having a ridiculous amount of fun with this. I'd worry about what I'm going to do with myself once this is done, but I'm 100% sure I'll find some other obsessive hobby to eat up all my time, probably also Star Wars-related. :D
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Um, so, less than two weeks's done. Now I've sworn up and down that I won't touch iMovie until all the original trilogy songs are written. Yeah, we'll see. This is astonishingly addictive.
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The second episode is up, showcasing some very weird duets and my heavy, heavy bias toward the romance plotline of AOTC. Since I still have lots of songs to write for Episode III, it'll probably be more than two weeks till the next one. That's a good thing...right?
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Here's the reason I haven't been writing and posting tons of new songs in the past week. I've been obsessively working on this video, pushing my amateur iMovie skills to the limit. Hooray! (Please excuse my voice; it's the only one I have to work with.) The other five episodes will be coming eventually, though I should probably take a break for now. Heh.


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