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Well, two of the drawings, anyway. :D
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Now for Luke and Han.
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Aug. 6th, 2016 05:14 pm
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I may be just a teensy bit obsessive. Ha. There's an understatement. Once I start a project, I'm not really good at taking breaks. And I've discovered that it's just as true for drawing a set of costumes as it is for any of my other creative pursuits. So, here's the final batch of sketches, covering everything in Episode III. Plus a few bonus drawings, just because.
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I went ahead and got the Episode II paper dolls, and proceeded to draw quite obsessively over the last two weeks. I'm pleased to note that my meager talent hasn't withered away from disuse. However, the paper dolls include only a fraction of Padmé's enormous wardrobe from AOTC. So I drew the other outfits too - a little more challenging going from photographs rather than illustrations, but some of them turned out surprisingly well. I also went ahead and threw in the two outfits from the deleted scenes, because why not?
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There's no question that my primary creative outlet is writing. After that, probably music. In the realm of visual arts, meanwhile...not a lot of talent. I had years of feeling like a total dunce in art class. But then in junior high I discovered a little knack I had - I could copy a logo or drawing by sight, line by line, with decent accuracy. Without tracing, even. ;) Yeah, nothing that would impress an art teacher, but I had some fun with it. Mostly I liked to copy movie titles and animated characters, as they had the most obvious lines to follow. But my favorite project was probably from my set of Queen Amidala paper dolls. I doubt I could have ever drawn them from photographs, but in illustrated form, they turned out pretty good.

Just for fun, here's all eight drawings.

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