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*sigh...* The last one. I've really enjoyed this month. I've had some good drabbles, some hasty-written ones, but overall I think it's been a decent way to stretch my skills. Also, it's been fun. :)

Believe )
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*gasp* I only have two more drabbles to write? It went so fast! Well, here's a nice juicy angsty one. Tomorrow I'll probably finish on a more sunshiny note. ;)

Fractured )
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Today is exactly one year since Luke was officialy diagnosed with autism. It's been a tumultuous year, to say the least. A flurry of referrals and IEPs and a veritable dictionary of new terminology. PDD-NOS, Asberger's, Sensory Intetgration Dysfunction, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder... It's too much to absorb all at once, but I've had time. What has changed? I'm more used to the idea now, though of course I'll never be happy about it. I know not to expect that Luke will suddenly just burst into fluent speech or initiate play with others without any prodding. I haven't given up hope that he'll improve, though.

And he has improved, even after just a year. Socially, he's very friendly and sweet, though he still prefers play on his own. He makes eye contact and responds more often to his name. His language....I don't see much change. That's the really rough thing. Language can take a long, long time for autistic kids. I have to be patient. If there's one quality I've had to develop this year, it's been patience. And I have a long, long way to go.

Here's hoping next year will find us a little farther along, and a little more capable of being Luke's parents.

This bit here is something I'd like to eventually expand into a sprawling fic, a counterpart to Another Point of View. (Oh, I'm not over-ambitious, not at all.... ;) Apologies if the Gungan isn't perfect. :P
Exile )
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I think I was writing a bit too close to home here - made myself cry. If it comes across as a bit maudlin, that's probably why.

No Matter What )
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Another exploration of a link in the Master-Padawan chain.

p.s. I don't read any EU, so I don't know what sort of backstories they've devised. I'm just extrapolating from the films and making it up myself. ;)

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This screen is so huge! My parents brought up a spare computer to replace the one that burned out on us, and wow it's enormous. I suppose I've gotten used to the laptop, but even so - this will take some adjusting. Anyway, since my dad's spent most of the day getting the computer set up, this is the first chance I've had to get to my drabble. It needs to be a quick one so I can go to sleep and not be exhausted during church tomorrow. :)

A Private Joy )
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Not Yet )
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I'm sort of starting to feel like I'm cranking these out, but darn it, I'm going to get to the end of the month! And hopefully they won't all be too crummy. :P

Mother )
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Yay! My parents are coming today! They should be getting here in about two hours. We've been teaching Emma "Grandma and Grandpa." I hope she recognizes them from the pictures - they'd be delighted if she called them by name. :)

Padawan )
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I'm going to attempt something tricky and try to get into a very evil, twisted mind....

Cold Comfort )
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Something a little different here...the beginning of an AU, which I could go on to explore further if I so desire. ;)

Surviving )
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Reflection )
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Another busy day. I've had this idea for a drabble floating in my head for a little while, but I've hesitated to attempt's rather surreal dreamscape stuff. But I'll give it a try.

Hell )
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Atypically late today, but still plenty of time before midnight. ;)

Sisters )
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Incredibly geekish fan moment:

Announcer on the TV commercial: And we'll give you a special sneak peek of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! (accompanied by tantalizing shots from the new movie)

Me: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! (accompanied by frenetic jumping up and down)

:P Well, onward to the second half of drabble month...

Stark Sorrows )
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Well, I've made it to the halfway point, so I'll celebrate by indulging in some P/A mush. :P

Breathing )
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Crud. I'm a full-fledged addict of Anakin/Padmé fanvids. I've watched about 100 of them today. They're only 3-4 minutes each, so I'll watch one and think, "Oh, what's the harm in watching another?" and suddenly it's three hours later. Crud, crud, crud. Is there some sort of support group for this?

For the Dead )
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It's evening, but it feels like the dead of night. Darn global tilt, making days so short in the winter. :P

Resemblance )
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Well, this is a missing scene that's been done a thousand times before (I've even done previous versions of it) but I just felt like doing it...differently this time.

Dust )

Oops, that's much longer than a drabble. Darn it, I just couldn't trim it down. I've really got to reign in these rambling tendencies. ;)
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A curse and a pox upon Massachusetts's unrealistic emissions standards. In any other state we would have easily passed inspection, but not here, oh no. We can't even just get minor repairs; we have to overhaul the whole system to meet their ridiculous standards, which will cost us approximately enough to buy an entire car. If we'd known how much, we would have just gotten a new one - well, a new used one, anyway. It's an old car, but it's not a hunk of junk just yet. At least not in most states. Grrr....


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