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Hmm. It's been a while since I've posted more of this, and I haven't exactly acquired a massive readership, but I figure this will at least push me to work on this fic and finally finish the darn thing. So here we go.

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Before I post more of my fic, I just wanted to put down these words from a song in Children of Eden that (big surprise) made me think of Anakin:

There is no journey gone so far
So far we cannot stop and change direction
No doom is written in the stars
It's in our hands
We cannot know what will occur
Just make our journey worth the taking
And pray we're wiser than we were
In the beginning


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Well, one reader's enough for me to keep going. ;) So here's the resolve to the little cliffhanger that he last part ended on:

Breathe, part two )
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Had a nice day yesterday; we spend the morning babysitting some friends' kids who are close to our kids' ages. It's always good to have them actually interacting with peers. ;) Then in the evening we went to a park on the shore in Salem. They had lots of little carnival-ish kiddie rides and carnival-ish foods as well - we gave our leftover fries and fish to some very eager seagulls. Emma, when looking at the ocean, kept saying "wawi" (another variation for water) and Luke used the potty in the dingy old public restroom. On purpose! Yes, that's right; he's used the potty twice now without being under protest. We'll see if this particular trend continues or not, but we're feeling just a little more positive about it.

So, feeling optimistic, I've decided to begin posting a rather lengthy SW AU I began writing some time shortly after Episode III came out. AU's for the prequels are pretty popular, being cathartic and all that, particularly after the very dark ending of ROTS, but I've restrained myself and only worked on this one. And it's not going to be entirely sunshine and flowers, just as a warning. (Actually, I have ideas for another AU which is decidedly darker than canon, in which Anakin defeats Obi-Wan on Mustafar and takes his pregnant, stricken wife to Palpatine and - well, I don't know if I'll ever summon up enough angsty-ness to write that). Anyway! This is fairly long, at least compared to my one-shots, and I've written most of it, though I've been stalled on it since devoting most of my time to my original series - hopefully starting to post it here will provide the incentive to finish the darn thing. ;) So, enough blathering. Here we are.

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