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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, without apology. I love this character.

"Meesa day starting pretty okeeday with the brisky morning munching..."

He's a hapless klutz, but he's kind-hearted and always means well. And I love this scene where he is introduced to Padmé. She's the first character who appears to like him immediately, without reservation. This says a lot about her capacity for compassion and being non-judgmental, which become particularly important once she reveals herself to be the queen. She asks, "You're a Gungan, aren't you?" with simple curiosity, not an ounce of disgust or rancor toward the race that has historically spurned her people.

His response, meanwhile, says a lot about Jar Jar. I love this whole speech. He's so artless, almost child-like, in his re-telling of the events that swept him up into all of this. And the goofy words are just so much fun to say. "Brisky morning munching" is a great synonym for breakfast; I should really use it more often. And his bewilderment and terror at the current situation? Honestly, I could see myself responding the same way, though perhaps with slightly different wording. "I have no idea what happened. One second I was happily getting breakfast, then suddenly this Jedi shows up and everything's exploding and I'm flying on a ship into outer space. I'M TERRIFIED." (Also, when he says he's getting "berry berry" scared, I'm always thinking, "Oh, Jar Jar has a thiamine deficiency, huh? Better get some more whole grains into his diet!" Um, just a little nutritionist joke there.)

In any case, the friendship between Jar Jar and Padmé is a vital precursor to the alliance between Gungan and Naboo that will ultimately defeat the Federation, and it all starts here, with a scared fugitive pouring out his fears to a sympathetic handmaiden. Maybe after she finishes cleaning Artoo, Padmé goes and finds a suitable brisky morning munching for Jar Jar. It's just the kind of thing she would do.

Next time, we'll finally hear from Anakin....
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